About Kentron Systems Inc.

The Kentron Difference

Guided by a core team whose members have each been serving the Canadian energy industry for 30+ years, Kentron's experience runs as deep as our passion for delivering the solutions our customers need.

As the exclusive agents for oilfield technologies on the leading edge of innovation, Kentron’s product lines are truly one of a kind. For companies ranging from fledgling startups to major multinationals, we source and deliver products that fill diverse and specific instrumentation needs that simply can't be filled by anyone else.

Offshore technology developers know us for our track record of focused marketing and major end-user pilot project testing that lead to industry implementation and exclusive industry representation.

Kentron's commitment to customer care is motivated by an earnest desire to see each solution through to fruition. Kentron's staff supports our customers with product commissioning and start-ups, assistance in obtaining operating approvals, and any necessary product modifications.

Our most meaningful point of difference is our uncompromising mandate: to deliver on every promise we make. Customers know us best for our troubleshooting excellence and our track record of overcoming the challenges that inevitably arise. Our mantra is unequivocal: "Do whatever it takes. And never give up."

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