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HART® Connection System

Thousands of HART® capable devices are currently installed throughout the industry but are underutilized by comparison to the data they are capable of capturing. Recently companies have started implementing projects that capture the full ange of data from these devices. To do this, you need a connection to the analog loops that will read the HART® signals. The HART® Connection System offers such a connection and this solution has been successfully implemented for many years in hazardous and non-hazardous control loops. If it has a HART® signal - we have a solution to capture it!

Kentron Systems can engineer and supply your HART® Connection System solution.

HART® Connection System Application Challenge:

How do I capture the HART® signals from an existing 4/20 analog control system?

Who can guide me in selection of the product and package the HART® Connection System solution for me?

Can I find a suitable HART® Connection System for my particular control system?

Who has the practical experience and product that will ensure I am not let down?

Who can assure me the HART® Connection System solution is suitably certified for my local and worldwide applications?

The HART® Connection System Solution:
Call Kentron Systems

We have 15 years of HART® installation experience in both hazardous and non-hazardous systems.

We have industry-proven products and the ability to adapt to new requirements quickly.

We understand local environments, certification and code requirements.

We can offer turn-key HART® Connection System solutions.

We can engineer your HART® Connection System solution for you.

We deliver the HART® Connection System promise

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