Industrial Network Solutions

Industrial Network Solutions

The Bryes Tofino Argon Industrial Security System is a new and unique industrial network solution that addresses the importance of protecting industrial networks from modern cyber-security attacks.

  • Designed by Security Experts
  • Simple to Install
  • Offers ‘Defense in Depth’
  • Designed for controllers – PLC, DCS, RTU etc.
  • Invisible to a hacker - can't see it - can't ping it
  • Centralized configuration/control software
  • Scalable – from single PLC to globally scattered devices

Industrial Network Solutions Application Challenge

Is there a simple industrial security device that will protect my field controllers from malicious cyber attacks?

Control engineers are now challenged with automation security.

Is a control engineer trained to configure firewalls?

Is there a simple industrial network solutions device that will protect my field controllers from cyber hacking?

How can I protect, yet monitor and reconfigure all my worldwide control devices?

What is Industrial Ethernet?

The Industrial Network Solutions: Call Kentron Systems

Bryes Tofino Argon is simple to install/ onfigure by a control technician.

Our industrial network solutions are designed for true INDUSTRIAL applications.

Product we sell is work-hardened to survive in your process world.

Kentron industrial network solutions are easy to install and maintain.

Kentron understands Industrial Ethernet and can explain it.

We deliver the industrial network solutions promise.

If it is not easy, or it is not working - CALL KENTRON - solutions by discussion.


Call Kentron Systems and we will talk you through the correct industrial network solutions for your application.