Nicosys CO Smouldering Detection System

Nicosys CO Smouldering Detection System


In the process of powder production, for example milk or coffee powders, industrial spray dryer installations are used. A great risk in these installations is the outbreak of fire, causing serious damage in these factories.

These fires can start relatively easily. They can start when a lump of powder, formed in the tower under the high drying temperatures, starts to smoulder internally. The inside of this lump becomes very hot (> 800?C) and when it breaks open sparks and flames are released. These sparks and flames can start a fire or explosion in the tower, causing damage or even destruction of the tower.

Sparks and temperature detection systems initiate alarms when the critical situation has already been reached; an early warning system will reduce the risk of dangerous situations caused by smouldering.

The NICOSYS system is such an early warning system. When a lump in the dryer is smouldering it generates CO as a result of the unfinished oxidation of the powder. Detection of this CO can be used as a preventive protection before flames or sparks are present in the installation. In fact, CO smouldering detection is the only preventive protection system available, and was developed by Hobré Instruments B.V. and NIZO, the Dutch Institute for Dairy Research.


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