Oil In Water Meter From Sentech AS

Sentech AS

Oil In Water Meter

The SeCap™ technology is based on an electronic oscillator that is influenced by the dielectric constant of the media surrounding it, i.e. the frequency of the oscillator varies with the change of the dielectric constant in the media. The oscillator and media are isolated by a ceramic wall with the oscillator calibrated to correct for all static components. This provides a more stable and repeatable measurement without constant recalibration for changing water salinity and crude density.

The SeCap™ Single Point Probe has one probe fitted in a housing made of stainless steel and is designed and built to offer very high MTBF-figures. The instrument delivers a 4-20mA signal with 18-36 Vdc working voltage.

The SeCap™ Single Point Probe is delivered as a "Plug and Play" instrument where all testing and calibration is done prior to delivery to the customer.

Oil In Water Meter


The SeCap Single Point Probe sees can be used for a number of applications.

The Probe has multiple uses:

  • Flow / no-flow indicator connected with valve /process control.
  • 0-100% Water Cut BS&W Indicator.
  • Level/interface measurement in storage tanks; Treater and Free Water Knockout vessels
  • (High / Low and filling rate detection levels by inserting a number of units in tank walls).
  • A flow cut-off initiator when emptying waste water in storage tanks for oil/water interface. It can detect fluid / no fluid, or difference between fluids.
  • It can be utilized as a single point measurement or in an array configuration.
  • Humidity detection or measurement in soil or other matter.
  • The probe may be configured in a variety of functions and alarm / detection levels without altering the mechanics or the integrated electronics.


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