Oil In Water Monitor, Oil In Water Analyzer


Oil In Water Monitor

ProAnalysis design and sell an oil in water monitor or analyzer for crude oil production or produced water treatment systems. We deliver solutions that will give reliable and continuous measurements in real time at the ppm level. Arugus? oil in water analyzers require low or no maintenance. This is made possible due to our unique in-line probe concept, and our automatic cleaning of the probe.

Oil in water monitor in the Argus? product range is designed to meetcustomers' needs. ProAnalysis have designed the solutions best suited for the following applications:

• Oil in Water monitor for low-pressure applications: Argus Environment

• Oil in Water monitor for high-pressure (and/or high-temperature) applications: Argus Process

• Multipoint Oil in Water monitor systems connecting several in-line measurement probes to one OiW control unit: Argus Multipoint

• Subsea Oil in Water Monitor

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Stable And Robust Measurement Principle

Argus is based on the measurement principle (laser-induced) fluorescence. A laser, uniquely developed for the sensor, emits ultraviolet light directly into the process line by fibre optics. The laser light interacts with crude oil, and fluorescence is emitted, collected, transmitted by fibre optics, spectrally and temporally filtered and finally quantified by a light sensor.

The technology offers several significant advantages:

• Established and proven measurement principle.

• Stable and robust under harsh and changing process conditions (temperature, pressure, solids, gas, etc.).

• Accurate quantification of dispersed oil through the measurement of aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) - even at ppb levels


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