Sentech Profile Meter

Sentech Profile Meter

Sentech Profile Meter (SeCaP™)

The heart of the Sentech Profile Meter System is a measurement rod with several individual measurement probes mounted on the rod.

  • Liquid interface layers sensed with high accuracy
  • Multiple sensors along the probe length. (100-200mm)
  • Continuous information supply, allowing proactive actions
  • Electronics in the probe, providing longer product life
  • Highly accurate capacitance sensors along the probe length
  • High sensitivity
  • Hazardous area capable
  • Outputs: RS485 Modbus, FF, 4/20mA and more
  • Well-proven instrument
  • Monitoring rate of 100 probes/second
  • Low temperature range – as low as ­40°C

Sentech Profile Meter Application Challenge:

How do I monitor the various liquid interface layers in a tank constantly, quickly, and accurately?

Where can I find a proven profile meter technology suitable for the Canadian environment?

Which profile meter solution provides a flexible flange diameter to meet my specific application?

Where can I get a Div2 profile meter suitable solution?

Who provides service locally?

The Profile Meter Solution: Call Kentron Systems

We have years of tank-profiling installation experience.

We have a long term installed base in the oil and gas industry throughout the world.

We have third party sites of Sentech Profile Meter installations you can call upon or visit.

We understand local certification and installation requirements.

We can engineer your Sentech Profile Meter solution for you.

We deliver the Sentech Profile Meter promise.

If it is not easy, or it is not working - CALL KENTRON - solutions by discussion.


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