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Purge and pressurization systems is a method of protection used in hazardous areas to ensure that the interior of an electrical enclosure is free of flammable gas.

  • Purge and Pressurized systems provide a means of allowing high-powered electrical equipement that is not certified for a hazardous service, to be used within a hazardous area
  • All hazardous area classifications can be accomodated, by using the Expo
  • Technologies include Mini-Purge series of purge and pressurization controllers
  • Enclosure sizes up to 240 cu ft - X, Y and Z Purge available
  • Kentron have applied purge and pressurization solutions successfully to the Canadian oil and gas industry and OEMs for 10 years

Purge And Pressurization Systems Application Challenge

How do I get uncertified products into a hazardous area application?

Will purge and pressurization systems do what I want it to do?

I do not understand purge and pressurization systems, who can help me?.

Who can assure me the solution is suitably certified for my local and worldwide applications?

The Purge And Pressurization Systems Solution:
Call Kentron Systems

We have 10 years of purge and pressurization systems installation experience.

We have a long term purge and pressurization systems installed base in the oil and process industry throughout the world.

We understand hazardous area engineering and have 25 years experience in the field.

We can offer turn-key purge and pressurization systems solutions.

We can engineer your purge and pressurization systems solution for you.

We deliver the purge and pressurization systems promise.

If it is not easy, or it is not working - CALL KENTRON - solutions by discussion.


The product links above will take you to data sheets and technical literature.
Then call Kentron Systems and we will talk you through the correct purge and pressurization systems solution for your application.