Sentech Water Fraction Meter (SeCaP™)

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Sentech Water Fraction Meter (SeCaP™)
Non-Intrusive Water Fraction Monitoring

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The Sentech water fraction meter provides non-intrusive water fraction monitoring utilizing Sentech's SeCaP™ technology.

  • Unique SeCaP™ capacitance measurement system
  • HIGH Accuracy
  • High Sensitivity
  • Standard flanges - easy to retrofit and install
  • Each instrument calibrated for each application.
  • 100% non-intrusive
  • No structural changes required
  • Easy to use software package and controller
  • Client-preferred output signal
  • User-friendly system

The Sentech Water Fraction Meter (SeCaP™) Non-Intrusive Water Fraction Monitoring Solution: Call Kentron Systems

We have 25 years of non-intrusive water fraction monitoring installation experience.

We have a long term water fraction meter installation base in the process industry throughout the world.

We supply relaible solutions for non-intrusive water fraction monitoring.

We can offer turn-key water fraction meter (SeCaP™) solutions.

We can engineer your water fraction meter (SeCaP™) solution for you.

We deliver the non-intrusive water fraction monitoring promise.

If it is not easy, or it is not working - CALL KENTRON - solutions by discussion.


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Then call Kentron Systems and we will talk you through the correct water fraction meter (SeCaP™) non-intrusive water fraction monitoring solution for your application.