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Industrial Wireless Products

Industrial wireless products provide secure and reliable solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. A true wireless solution for industrial applications. The Cooper Crouse-Hinds range of industrial wireless products offers users the following benefits:

Industrial Wireless Products,Cooper Crouse-Hinds,Industrial,Wireless,Products,Cooper,Crouse,Hinds
  • Low Installed Costs
  • Substantial savings over cable installations
  • High Reliability
  • Security of Data
  • Easy to install
  • Scalable - it grows with you
  • Easy to Manage

Kentron Systems can configure your industrial wireless products solution.

Industrial Wireless Products Application Challenge

I have run out of cores in the field multicore cable. Is there a solution?

I need to install an industrial wireless products field application quickly and at a minimal cost.

Can I get industrial wireless products for Div 2 hazardous area?

I would like to use industrial wireless products, but are they secure?

The Industrial Wireless Products Solution: Call Kentron Systems

Cooper Crouse-Hinds industrial wireless products solutions do not need long cable runs.

Kentron industrial wireless products solutions are CSA approved for Div 2 applications.

Industrial Wireless Products we sell is work-hardened to survive in your process world.

Kentron industrial wireless products solutions are easy to install and maintain.

Kentron industrial wireless products solutions are cost effective, secure and reliable.

We deliver the industrial wireless products promise.

If it is not easy, or it is not working - CALL KENTRON - solutions by discussion.


Call Kentron Systems and we will talk you through the correct industrial wireless products solution for your application.